5 flip flop cupcakes as summer winds down

Because I'm enjoying the last few days in New York when I can wear flip flops, because I think the phrase "flip flops" is funny, and because it's even funnier to me that flip flops can even go on cupcakes, here are 10 flip flop cupcakes.

by Wild Cakes via Flickr

with a flip flop tag on top! by Sweet Definition Inc. on Flickr

red and white striped flip flops by Anita Jamal on Flickr, who has a bunch of other flip flop cupcakes

Desert Island cupcakes with palm tree, sand and flip flops by Clares Cupcakes via Flickr

fashionista flip flops by Cakes by Shara via Flickr

And a shoutout to these Swissy Missy flip flop cupcakes - I couldn't download them but they are super adorable! Same for these bright summer flip flops by Scrumptious Buns.