5 Potato Chip Cupcakes

Happy almost weekend everyone! Here are five cupcakes featuring...potato chips. Weird or cool? You decide.

chocolate potato chip cupcake by blogger So Frosted - click for recipe

Thai Spice potato chip cupcake by norwichnuts on Flickr: "Exotic Thai spices give this cupcake a sweet, sour and spicy addiction - can't have just one! Ginger, chili, pepper, garlic, onion and cilantro adds savory while a coconut filling sweetens the cake a bit. An agave gingered chili Tofutti cream cheeze frosting is sprinkled with sea salt and lays out the "red carpet" for a white chocolate dipped Thai potato chip"

Crave cupcake by Fields of Cake on Flickr - "Milk Chocolate Cupcake filled with malted milk chocolate buttercream and a Whopper malted milk ball, topped with malted milk chocolate buttercream, a whopper and a chocolate dipped potato chip..."

"the sugar cube" cupcake by wundoroo on Flickr: "Dark chocolate cupcake and frosting, topped with potato chips and caramel sauce. Awesome."

By Over the Rainbow Cupcakes in Palm Springs, California, via Facebook - see our Februar post for more on them.


The Broke Socialite said…
Want! It was just yesterday that I was admiring the savory/sweet vortex that occur when eating cake (in my case it was a Little Debbie Yellow Cake Mini) and Kettle Chips.