Apple cupcake with caramel frosting by Ming Bakes Cupcakes

VenusZine interviewed Ming Thompson of the blog Ming Bakes Cupcakes about her recipes (click on her blog for lots of them!):

VZ: How do you come up with your flavor combinations and recipes?

MT: The flavors come from a variety of sources—friends' suggestions, things I see in the grocery store, trips I've taken. I made a coconut rum one after a trip to Puerto Rico—and I've been wanting to make a peach cupcake inspired by a trip home to Virginia and a tamarind cupcake inspired by my trip to Kerala last year.
VZ: Which is your favorite?

MT: I think I have a different favorite every day. Today, I think it's the banana with maple brown butter icing. I've also been working on a really dark chocolate icing that would go well on the banana cupcake.

Below is her apple cupcake with caramel frosting - click on it for the recipe!