Cupcakes banned at Michigan elementary school

This type of story pops up a lot, and with back to school time, I bet we're going to hear more.

From WVIV Detroit (click for a video element to the story too):

REDFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. -- A classroom tradition of bringing in cupcakes to celebrate a child's birthday has been banned at a South Redford School.

Syndee Malek, Vandenberg Elementary School Principal, said she has asked that children's birthdays be honored with healthy foods.

Vanderberg has said she no longer wants to take up classroom time with foods that are unhealthy.

The move comes as no surprise at a school where student nutrition and fitness is actively promoted.

"I know we're not the first school to do it. And, we didn't actually ban them from the school, they're just in the classroom," Malek said. "If parents want to bring them to school and serve them themselves during the children's lunch hour, that's fine.


Alisha Thompson said…
Oh. My. Edward! Banning cupcakes is like banning joy! Who wants carrots and ranch for their birthday???