Milk chocolate and buttercream scented candles and mini cupcakes at Sugar Bliss Cake Boutique, Chicago

I got to revisit Sugar Bliss Cake Boutique while I was in Chicago, and they were selling something I've never seen before - milk chocolate and buttercream scented candles!

I didn't buy any, but I did buy six mini cupcakes - started off with four and they were so yummy I decided to try two more!

The top two here were my favorite, the chocolate mint and peanut butter and jelly (pb&j and cookies and cream were special flavors - they do lots of limited edition flavors).

The strawberry was okay, but I liked the cookies and cream a lot better. All the cakes were moist and I liked the presentation, plus the little white chocolate chip on top of the strawberry one and the little garnishes added to the others, like the banana chip atop the banana cupcake. Definitely recommended if you're in downtown Chicago!

Visit to get their newsletter and find out about specials and new flavors.


jilljbaker said…
Love the blog! Great ideas. Just getting my cupcakery started in Northwest Missouri.

I'll add you to my blogroll!

Good eats,