Thursday, September 09, 2010

Purple is my favorite color so of course these blackberry cupcakes made me swoon

Fake Ginger has won me over again with these angel food cupcakes with blackberry buttercream - I'll admit that the matching frosting and cupcake wrappers drew my attention first, but I also am a fan of angel food (so light!) and I like the way the blackberry is just nestled right there on top of the cupcake, as if it's made to fit there.

The frosting is perfection. It’s a little tart from the lemon juice but still really sweet like a good buttercream should be. Once again, I wouldn’t recommend piling it on the angel food cupcakes like I did but a small dollop would be perfect. And yes, I did add food coloring. Blackberry puree is a really bright pink that normally would be really pretty so there’s really no need for food coloring.


tris1978ton said...

Purple makes a pretty cupcake

Heidi Hill said...

I would love the recipe for both frosting and this angel food cupcake; so beautiful!