Raising money for cupcakes with Kickstarter

Right now, if you search Kickstarter for "cupcake", this is what you'll get:

What can you learn from these examples? I'm not sure, but if you're looking to raise funds for a cupcake bakery or related project, you might want to see what others have done. (Please note: we are increasingly getting emails asking for business advice which we categorically cannot answer. We teach cupcake business classes and post relevant information and encourage you to ask successful cupcake bakery owners what they've done and to do your own research, but we do not give advice to individual businesses beyond what is posted on this blog.)

What I personally think is great about Kickstarter, having donated to a few projects, is that you only get charged if the person or company reaches their goal, which gives them an extra incentive to keep fundraising and to set a realistic goal.

Here is what enjoy life, love, cupcakes by chris cole wrote, raising $7,240 (goal: $6,000):

What happens when two artists are given sugar instead of paint? Cupcakes of course.

Enjoy will be Youngstown's first cupcakery featuring over 100 flavors of cupcakes. We specialize in "from scratch" daily made cupcakes, soups and sandwiches using fresh ingredients purchased from local farmers when available. Many of our items are available gluten free, vegan, organic, low fat, and even some no fat.

We are two community minded artists creating a space for people to "enjoy" life. Our space will be used for yoga, dance, music, and art classes taught by local visual and performing artists, as well as space for meetings, receptions, and fun events. We plan on having our own organic garden that will be used for the cafe and for "in need" families in the community. Also, local community leaders will be given cards for free meals from enjoy for families who need assistance.

We plan on investing our own money into the business, however we are renovating the downstairs of a 100 year old stone church building. This includes plumbing, electrical, framing, drywall, painting, permits, etc. All money we raise from our Kickstarter project will go to this renovation and will become property of the building if we choose to move to another location. The oven, work tables, racks, mixers we will fund ourselves.
Project location: Youngstown, OH

Here is what Takes The Cake Bakery wrote, raising $8,743 (goal: $8,500):

We are on the hunt for a Classic/Vintage Delivery Truck (Ice Cream, Dairy, Bakery) to modify and use for a Mobile Cupcakery. We would use contributions to purchase, fix, and kit the vehicle that will ultimately bring our cupcakes/baked goods that were inspired, in large part by Kansas City's social media community, to the metro area.

The bakery has been in existence for about a year now and has grown tremendously. Kansas City is building a name for itself as a metropolitan area that can compete against other large areas such as Austin, Los Angeles, D.C., and New York. There are very few convenient mobile food services in KC, a vertical that continues to flourish in other cities.

This effort is to not only bring our cupcakes to the people, it is also an effort to help residents see Kansas City as a unique, fun, lively metro area that has a lot to bring everyone.

Your donation is just the boost that Takes the Cake Bakery needs to propel our cupcakes into the mainstream. We have always let our followers and fans on Twitter and Facebook help us make choices and give us feedback so we can make the mobile bakery exactly what the people of Kansas City want. It will give us great pleasure to give our fans even more ownership by backing our efforts. For your help and financial support we will always be eternally grateful.

And we recently posted an interview with Brooklyn mini cupcake company Le Petit Cupcakery; they are still raising money ($200 so far of their $1,920 goal) via Kickstarter.