Savory cupcakes gone wild: Pulled pork beer bread cupcakes!

These cupcakes are from the blog My Year on the Grill (go there for more photos and descriptions of cupcakes you've surely never heard of and the beer herb bread recipe!), who writes:

"...what I do have are my redneck savory cupcakes, made with a generous layer of Raspberry Chipotle Carolina style pulled pork, topped with an equal amount of herb laced BEER BREAD, with a slice of boldly flavored provolone cheese melted on the top."


Donna Zell said…
Those savory pulled pork beer bread cupcakes look delicious! What a great idea for a dinner buffet or to take along on a picnic. Add a sweet cupcake and you have a whole "cupcake meal"! I think this could be the next hot trend...maybe it already is!