Swirlz Cupcakes Chicago

Swirlz Cupcakes in Chicago gave me the warmest welcome with a huge smile and a plate full of hand picked cupcakes. Rachel has reported about Swirlz on numerous occasions but this was actually my first trip and I was so excited to be there! They've even made Cupcakes Take The Cake cupcakes before! None of those today, but the cupcakes I had were a-maz-ing.

So, there's one thing I'm sure about: they are really passionate about their cupcakes.... and have been since 2006. The cupcakery is located in the stellar Lincoln Park location of 705 W Belden, just off of Lincoln and Fullerton. Swirlz will be celebrating their 4th Anniversary next Saturday, October 2nd and they are inviting everyone to stop by and taste some special celebration treats!

Who could possibly resist the "Drumstick?" Memories of chasing the ice cream truck for a Choco Taco have never been as strong as they were while eating this magnificent beast of a cupcake. It's a malted buttermilk cake with a layer of chocolate peanut crunch, vanilla buttercream dipped in a chocolate hazelnut crunch glaze. It's exactly what you think it would be: delicious! I brought one back to work for a friend and he freaked out about this cupcake.

all photos from Juneann via flickr
Other favorites I tried are the Chocolate Dipped Strawberry, the Peach Cobbler, the Key Lime, and the very incredibly tasty "Twixie." It's a chocolate cake topped with melted chocolate, a vanilla shortbread cookie and salted caramel buttercream. Can't even see the cookie can you? Trust me, it's in there, and it makes this cupcake pretty awesome. Sweet and salty mixed with crunchy never goes wrong.

Along with their standards of vanilla, bittersweet chocolate, red velvet and vanilla on chocolate, there is a daily offering of different flavors ranging from banana split to chocolate peanut butter crunch and a surprise flavor shows up every day. Swirlz specializes in vegan and gluten free cupcakes as well. They are very careful about how they handle all of their special cupcakes so loyal fans with dietary restrictions love this place. Their banana nutella gluten free cupcake is so good, there is no way I would have known it is gluten free unless they told me.

In addition to their home location, customers can find Swirlz Cupcakes in Whole Foods locations around Chicago as well as iCandylicious at Navy Pier.

A very special thanks to Pam and Jamie for the cupcake low-down at Swirlz!