Celebrate Groundhog Day early with this cupcake

How could I wait to post this??? It's by cup.cake.CT based out of Durham, Connecticut on Flickr. "Devils food minicake with decorated teddy cookie, vanilla frosting, topped with candy snowflakes and Columbian chocolate 'dirt'." It's actually from last year but it's so fun I wanted to share it. Contact them at cup.cakect at yahoo.com or 860-301-7626 for ordering information.

And this one is my favorite color, and it's called purple silk. "Raspberry chocolate cake, raspberry butter creme frosting topped with an edible sugar 'jewel' and nonpareils."

And, to make things timely, a Halloween cupcake. "Orange You Glad: It's Halloween! Orange mini cake with milk chocolate frosting topped with a candied orange slice."


Klaus Janssen said…
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