In preparation for turkey day...

Can I be honest with you? I feel I can. I hate Thanksgiving. It has always royally sucked for me and I don't recall a single good Thanksgiving experience in my past. If I could skip it, I would! As a vegetarian, I do like the harvest festival idea, but not many of my friends and family members subscribe. Regardless, I love the fall and holiday theme and images from the holiday, and these adorable and well-crafted turkey day cupcakes by Sugar Daze are perfect.

Turkey Lurkey!

I could totally stand behind this cupcake:

Almost Thanksgiving


Super nice work, Cat!

Turkey Lurkey!


Little Miss Cupcake said…
so glad i could put a tiny smile on your face for Thanksgiving Stacie Joy! as always, i am grateful to CTTC for your support of my work! xo cat
Lauren Kay said…
AH! I hate Thanksgiving too but these are just adorable! love em!