Single-serving pumpkin cupcake

Over at the blog Chocolate-Covered Katie, Katie turns a vegan pumpkin muffin into a single-serving pumpkin cream cupcake for one, a lovely holiday snack! Find out how to make it at her blog. And Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating!


Cupcake Activist said…
I like this idea! My husband's family isn't into sweets much, so I might as well have a single serving cake or I'll just eat the whole pie myself!
Ohmigosh ohmigosh ohmigosh!!! You have just made my Thanksgiving. Christmas too.
I lurk on your site all the time, absolutely loving your devotion to cupcakes. So to be featured on one of my favorite blogs is pretty much the coolest thing EVER! Thank you so so much :) :).

Love (and chocolate-covered cupcakes),