"Turkey" cupcakes for sale at Saint Cupcake in Portland, Oregon

True confession: inside I squeal a little to myself (quietly) sometimes when I see ones like these. They are just so adorable. I also think I need a new word that means extra, extra adorable, since I use it so much on this blog. Cupdorable? Cupcute?

Portland cupcake bakery Saint Cupcake writes on their blog:

we have some seriously creative people on staff at saint cupcake.
our very own tina hatched the idea of ‘turkey’ cupcakes for thanksgiving - no, we don’t put actual turkey IN cupcakes. instead we dress them up to look like turkeys! so cute. and so thanksgivingy!

order your dressed-as-a-turkey cupcakes now. $3.50 each. and we promise you’ll gobble-gobble them up!

call monday - friday 9am to 4pm:
503.997.3674 or

And here are the cupcakes: