A Cupcake from Cupcake Wars

This week's episode of Cupcake Wars had some pretty crazy cupcake creations. For Round One, the four bakers had to make a cupcake using items you would find in a convenience store. The items included beef jerky, cheese puffs, yogurt-covered pretzels, nacho cheese, hot dogs, red licorice, and slushie mix.

Bake You Happy created a cherry cola chocolate cupcake with a red licorice filling, topped with marshmallow creme and yogurt-covered pretzels. The judges loved this cupcake, although Candace Nelson suggested using regular pretzels instead of yogurt-covered ones.

A friend attended Bake You Happy's viewing party (I couldn't make it). She brought me home a cupcake from the party, the same cupcake Bake You Happy made in round one, with one change: regular pretzels. My husband and I were fighting over the cupcake...does that explain how good it was?! The pretzels added the perfect crunchiness and saltiness to the cupcake. I would definitely eat this cupcake again!