Chicken And Waffle Cupcakes Using Popeye's Chicken

popeye's chicken and waffle cupcake

Manouschka Guerrier of the blog Single Serving Bytes and the show Private Chefs of Beverly Hills just shared on her Facebook Page a way to make quick chicken and waffle cupcakes using Popeye's Chicken Nuggets. She wrote:
It's a Maple Cake, I added almond extract and cinnamon. I LURVE those flavors in my waffles. The icing is Maple Cream with a bit of cream cheese for tang.   Used vanilla, nut and butter extract my friend Carmit's Mom gave me. Then I stuffed the cakes and topped them with Popeyes. It's only the second time I made these so now I've gotten lots of approvals from my tasters I'll post the recipe.


Marla Pruitte said…
I am looking for the recipe for the cake you used in this recipe. I can't find it and would LOVE it. :)