Cupcakes in Jamaica: Kingston Minicakes

These cupcakes are all by Kingston, Jamaica custom cupcake company Kingston Minicakes, with the photos coming from their Facebook page.

And I found an article about them via this article in Jamaica Gleaner:

Ramona Phipps-Porter and Angella Blair, are the young masterminds behind the little scrumptious treats. Both young women had a passion for the sweeter things in life from an early age, which was revealed when they met three years ago. The women said they met through work and have remained friends ever since. Phillips-Porter, the more outspoken of the two, told Food that after they realised they both liked pastry they 'knocked' heads and decided to venture into a business.

"We decided to do cupcakes because it was new. So last October we began baking and selling from home, and so far the response has been great," said Phipps-Porter.

Initial temptation

The entrepreneurs said that one of the reasons why their cupcakes are so good is that they do a lot of research and alter recipes making them into what they want them to be. They also noted that, at first, they would eat a lot of the cupcakes when they finished a batch but thankfully they have overcome the initial temptation.