Sweet Freedom Bakery (Philadelphia)

Sweet Freedom Bakery
1424 South Street (between Broad and 15th)
Philadelphia, PA 19146

Sweet Freedom Bakery is a vegan, gluten-free, and allergy-friendly bakery.

The full list is: gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, egg-free, soy-free, corn-free, peanut-free, refined sugar-free, and kosher.

Instead of those things, Sweet Freedom uses natural sweeteners (like agave), products derived from coconut (sugar, milk, oil, flour), as well as a huge range of other ingredients, which are all listed for each of their products on their website.

The really great thing about Sweet Freedom Bakery that I'd like to make a point of is that people who have dietary restrictions aren't settling when they eat here. The baked goods are all high quality and so delicious. They easily compete with the foods offered at every other bakery in Philadelphia and I much prefer their cupcakes to some of the other shops around town.

In fact, their vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting is one of the best cupcakes that I've ever had.

The cake itself is pretty dense. Don't come here and expect a light as air, fluffy cake, but I like that. It suits this cupcake well. It is flavorful, tastes healthy enough to almost be guilt free but sweet enough to make it feel like a great treat. It's also moist, which is something Sweet Freedom does really well. You will never get a dry, bland product.

The chocolate frosting on top is a perfect match for the cake, it's thick and fudgy with a good chocolate flavor. The sweetness isn't overwhelming like a lot of buttercreams out there. It has a slightly grainy texture but it doesn't interfere with the taste and it isn't unpleasant at all.

The price is $3.50 per cupcake, which is a little pricey for a cupcake, which is probably just due to the cost of special ingredients, but they are still cheaper (and tastier) than another cupcake shop that is only a few blocks away, and there is the added bonus of it being natural and allergy-friendly.

If you aren't up for a full cupcake, you can also buy a "frosting top", which is the top portion of a cupcake loaded with frosting for $2.

You can read what I think about their cookies and other products by going here!