April 11: Cupcake Business Class

The Cupcake Business Class is back!

Cupcake Business Class will cover branding, business development and using social media to grow your business. The class will last 3 hours and will include Q&A. This class is also useful for anyone starting a specialty food business.  The class will be held in New York City at New Work City. It it not available online.
Join Cupcakes Take the Cake bloggers Rachel Kramer Bussel and Nichelle Stephens who will talk about building your presence online, social media, branding and working with local community.
We will also have Shari Ledgister, co-owner of Lux Sugar which is based in Brooklyn. She will talk about how she baker got started, financial and legal issues to consider, and how to promote business when you don't have a storefront.
Denis Hurley founder of Mobile Meteor will speak on building a good website which is great representation of your business and your brand.
This workshop is suitable for those at any stage of opening a cupcake business or specialty food business.


Michele said…
too bad the rest of us in other parts of the country that can't get to NY can never take advantage of something like this....shame.
Cupcake Chromatography said…
Hi Ladies,
When will you be hosting another one of these sessions?