Sponsored Post: Business Opportunity For Cupcake Baker Owners

Cupcake Express

Cupcakes Express (CE) is launching a new web-based marketing campaign that can increase your sales
and income dramatically. Since cupcakes are impossible to ship from one central location, we associate with cupcake shops in each geographic market to produce and deliver fresh cupcake orders. Cupcake Express will sell cupcakes to gift givers from all over the United States. We are establishing a network of local cupcake shops to deliver fresh cupcakes in their unique areas. If you are in the cupcake industry, we want to talk with you.
  • Cupcakes Express is modeled after 1-800flowers. We will advertise nationally with prominent ads that display on popular search engines to maximize exposure for our local partners. 
  • We will also do daily social media outreach.
  • Our research shows that shops in urban areas should increase sales by no fewer than 100 dozen per week and probably many more.
  • We do not compete with local bakeries since our orders are from all over the U.S. which is similar to 1-800flowers.
  • Each area is unique and you will have sole distribution rights in your area.
Please go to www.cupcakesexpress.com/demo and sign up to become a vendor. Contact Robert Gordon – at Robert@cupcakesexpress.com or call 202-285-1379.