Twiggy's Cupcake Diet

As much as I love cupcakes, I have a hard time believing you can lose weight eating mostly cupcakes. Twiggy's Cupcake Diet says otherwise.

Twiggy's Cupcakes satisfy your hunger and your sweet tooth. You can eat 4-5 Twiggy's Cupcakes a day, replacing breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Then eat a sensible dinner. Twiggy's Cupcakes have 6-8 grams of protein and ONLY 4-7 grams of sugar in each cupcake. So whether it's breakfast, lunch or snack time, Twiggy's Cupcakes are a great addition to your daily diet.

The cupcakes are sold in assortments of 8 for $24 ($3 per cupcake). You can check out the nutritional information on the website to see how these cupcakes stack up against your average cupcake. In a perfect world, this would be my real diet. What do you think about this concept?