Campfire Delight Cupcakes by Sweetapolita: Malted Belgian Chocolate & Toasted Marshmallow Filling

Blogger Rosie over at the fantabulous, bookmark-worthy blog Sweetapolita has done it again with these gorgeous, mouthwatering Campfire Delight cupcakes. What exactly is a campfire delight cupcake, you ask? In her own words:

Essentially, a Campfire Delight Cupcake is the same rich, dark chocolate cake using premium Callebaut extra dark cocoa powder and buttermilk, injected with a dollop of Toasted-Marshmallow Filling, then frosted with a generous swirling of Malted Belgian Chocolate Frosting, and finally, some Dutch dark chocolate sprinkles and a chocolate malt ball. Delightful and decadent, all at once. Camping and convenience aside, cupcake versions of some of my layer cakes may be just the answer when you want a quick and easy dessert with the same flavours, or, well, for anyone who has a touch of the cupcake fever. I can also imagine these stacked up and served on a rustic chic outdoor wedding dessert table. Ohh, yes, I love that idea…wedding do-over, please! Actually, wait, a wedding do-over has the potential for being a borderline scary thought.

Photos via Sweetapolita on Flickr.