Cupcake-stuffed strawberries!!

We've seen a lot of kinds of cupcakes over the years, and when I say a lot, I mean a lot. We've posted over 13,000 times. But you know what we've never seen? Cupcake-stuffed strawberries! Now, technically, these are not actual cupcakes, but I'm pretty impressed by them, and think anyone, especially a mom on Mother's Day, would be too! They're by blogger 1 Fine Cookie. Visit her for more photos and instructions on how to make them. I also learned that it's National Strawberry Month. Jasmin writes:

My favorite part about these delightful treats was listening to people try to figure out how they are made. Once they bite into the surprise of a cupcake-like filling they have to know how it is done. Most assumed I baked it inside of the strawberry. Only one person over the last three years figured it out.