Extra holiday weekend cuteness: giraffe and lion cupcake cakes by Polkatots, plus American flag cake

I couldn't resist how fun these giraffe and lion cupcake cakes are...30 cupcakes put together and decorated equals pure magic for a kid's birthday, at least, in my opinion. They're by Pasadena, California bakery Polkatots Cupcakes, via their Facebok page, where you can check out lots, lots more.

And since it's Memorial Day weekend (I think we can call Friday part of "the weekend" - who's with me?) I thought this American flag cupcake cake was also appropriate:

Polkatots Cupcakes
720 N. Lake Ave Suite #3, Pasadena, CA 91104
fun at polkatotscupcakes.com

(626) 798 - 3932


Wendy said…
Love the way the cupcakes are so cleverly integrated :)