Stroopwaffle heart cupcakes!

I will fully admit I had no idea what a stroopwaffle (or stroopwafel) was before I saw these cupcakes, but now I'm smitten. So cute! They're by blogger cakeje van eigen deeg, who's also posted the recipe. We'll be posting more photos from her blog, because they're beautiful and fascinating, but these deserved their own post, don't you think? Via Flickr, who writes:

my blog had a complete facelift, finally! and what better way to celebrate this and my love for cupcakes by making the typical dutch cupcake! I have to confess though, I changed the recipe a bit (tweaked it here and there) but I still feel it's a work in progress. decoration wise: it's a keeper! especially since the main color of my friend's webshop, which inspired me in making a stroopwaffle cupcake, is pink (sorry, long sentence). I was playing with the idea for hearts for a few weeks now. I actually used stroopwaffles for this recipe that I took home from my trip to the states. if you live in the canada or the united states, you can buy these stroopwaffles here. they're super tasty and have a nice cinnamon flavor! this time I also made a step by step photo guide (sort of).