Fabulous Harry Potter cupcakes from Clare's Cupcakes in the UK

These beautiful Harry Potter cupcakes are by custom cupcake company Clare's Cupcakes in London and Surrey (UK), who you can find on their website and Flickr (where these photos are from) and reach via email at clare at clarescupcakes.co.uk and on Facebook. They also do edible photo printing on cupcakes. I will be in London soon, Friday-Tuesday, July 1-5 - I can't wait!

Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff cupcakes

Harry Potter sorting hat cupcake

Quiddich cupcakes (the broom!! what fine detail)


Nicky said…
As a Harry Potter fan, I'm impressed at the effort and detail put into these cupcakes. It's almost a sin to eat them!
Elisa said…
These cupcakes are absolutely amazing! The sorting hat is my favorite :-)

I will make sure to pass by this bakery the next time I'm in London!