Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wear your cupcake love with this leather cuff or glass bead necklace

Both of these cupcake jewelry items are made by Etsy seller The Glass Chef, whose items can be purchased right here. You can contact The Glass Chef at pjfesterling at and also follow her @theglasschef on Twitter, visit The Glass Chef blog and, for the crafty types, her Cupcake Crafts and Ideas blog.

And here's a sampling of all their cupcake charms, plus the red velvet cupcake charm by itself, because it's one of my favorites!

And this last one was for Valentine's Day and is no longer in her Etsy store but I found it in The Glass Chef's Flickr stream and loved it too much not to share it!


The Glass Chef said...

You girls are the best! Thank you so much for featuring my cupcake items on your blog! I so appreciate it.
Peggy Festerling
The Glass Chef