Meatloaf, chicken/waffle/bacon, vegetable and macaroni and cheese cupcakes were on the menu at Harvest Bistro at Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek!

These savory cupcakes were actually on the menu at Cupcake Lovers Weekend July 9 (I didn't see it in time or I'd have posted it) at Harvest Bistro at Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek last weekend! Wow wow wow...if they do it again I totally want to go. Descriptions via Bonnet Creek Blog.

This fun creation (above) is made of ground beef and pork, topped with a cream potato frosting, English peas and a roasted tomato BBQ sauce.

This is a vanilla waffle “cupcake” base, topped with a creamy maple bacon frosting and popcorn fried chicken.

This amazing treat is made from roasted asparagus, mushrooms, tomato and spinach, all baked in an egg custard and topped with tomato cream.

This take on traditional mac and cheese starts with macaroni baked in a velvety creamy cheese sauce and piped with a mascarpone cheese and chive frosting.


Joyfull40 said…
Wow, these cupcakes are loaded with fat. The second one maybe not so bad, the others, ugh, no thanks.