Sprinkles Cupcakes vs. Pink Sprinkles: another cupcake lawsuit

News of another cupcake lawsuit broke today, this time of Sprinkles Cupcakes suing a bakery in Fairfield, Connecticut called Pink Sprinkles Cupcakes. My personal two cents, speaking only as myself, is that you should make your company name as unique as possible and that Sprinkles will likely win this won, as they have with other lawsuits, but that remains to be seen (we'll keep you posted!). Via Forbes:

Nelson's company, Sprinkles Cupcakes, is so frosted that it filed a federal trademark-infringement lawsuit Friday in Connecticut against a store named Pink Sprinkles. The lawsuit claims the similarity in names is likely to cause confusion in the marketplace.

"The resulting confusion will damage Sprinkles and injure its reputation in the trade and with the public," the lawsuit says.

That being said, here are some cupcake photos from Pink Sprinkles on Facebook, because I'm always in favor of more cupcakes being consumed. You can also follow them @pinksprinklescc on Twitter.

Pink Sprinkles Cupcakes
Brick Walk Promenade
1215 Post Road
Fairfield, CT 06824
203-259-PINK (7465)
diane at pinksprinklescupcakes.com


Michele Fye said…
Sprinkles contacted a good friend of mine about the name of her small at home business because she used the words Sprinkles and Cupcakes together....their notice mentioned that they hold the rights to the word sprinkles and the word cupcakes congruently or separately.....I think that's preposterous. How can you claim you hold the rights to a common word in the English language? Either that or just another big name company trying to hold the little person down.
Vincent Anthony said…
This person is California is completely nuts!
Confusing customers on either side of the country!?
Yeah, cuz I drive over to CA from CT when I am in the mood for cupcakes!!!
For the record...I don't think this west coast whack-job made up the word 'Sprinkles'
the last time I checked!
Hey lady in CA...GET OVER YOURSELF!!!