Video: How to make raw vegan cupcakes with Shannonmarie from Rawdorable and her kids!

I've been a fan of the raw food blog Rawdorable and their beautiful cupcakes for a while, and now I've discovered blogger Shannonmarie has videos! Here she has her son filming and her daughter "helping" and walks you step by step through making a raw vegan cupcake inspired by TV. I'm not gonna lie: hearing her talk to her kids while also dishing out cupcake instructions is my favorite part of this video! I also like that she doesn't speed through it, she tells you why she's using each ingredient and how it works. Yes, this is a long video, but I'd rather watch a longer video that walks you through each step than one that leaves things to the imagination. I also like that these are unusual (liquid aminos! paprika! cayenne!). Plus it's funny ("you don't even know what bacon is, you think it's a funny word"). And Happy Anniversary to Shannonmarie and her husband and good job to her son on being a videographer.

If you're not the video type, you can get not just one but two cupcake recipes over at Rawdorable, photos below. They're a strawberry lemonade cupcake and a Maple Fakin' cupcake.