I bet you've never seen a cupcake with this flavor before!

Can you guess?

If I knew how to do a jump cut I'd make you truly guess, but I'm not that HTML savvy.

It's a...chocolate BBQ cupcake with honey sour cream frosting! I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that would be a tough one to guess. You can get the recipe for it at food blog a perfect kind of day, where there are also lots of other cupcake posts.

From the post:

The cake is tangy and savory and not at all sweet. However, it seems that the longer the life of the cupcake, the lesser the barbecue sauce taste. The cupcake I tried fresh out of the oven tasted like a fresh slab of ribs {and i'm not kidding...}, but the cupcake I had later on that night {willpower doesn't exist on labor day} just tasted like a bittersweet chocolate cake.

The frosting is very tart and sweet at the same time. I wanted to make something that worked with the savory flavor of the barbecue sauce, not something that out-sweetened it. I did like the frosting with the cake, but in an effort to showcase the flavor of the cake a bit more next time, I might stick with a more basic chocolate frosting...

Yay for truly original cupcake flavors and experiments!


Cupcakes by Amelie said…
BBQ, huh? I saw the honey, but I never would have guessed BBQ! Sounds very interesting.