Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jessie Oleson of Cakespy wants to draw you a cupcake on her nationwide bakery book tour!

The countdown has begun for beloved Cakespy blogger, artist, baker and author Jessie Oleson's first book: Cakespy Presents Sweet Treats for a Sugar-Filled Life. She will kick off a nationwide book tour on October 13th at her retail store, Cakespy, in at 415 E. Pine Street in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood, and visit cupcake bakeries around the country, including Portland, the Bay Area, Boston, NYC, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Chicago and more. Her New York City visit coincides with my birthday, November 10th, which is also National Vanilla Cupcake Day. She'll be at Brooklyn bakery Baked on the 9th (and Butter Lane on November 9th).

From her blog post (where you can find her tour dates):

Basically, we're going to hang out, eat baked goods, and then you will buy like 30 copies of my book (Official Tour de Sweet Promise: I promise to sign and draw a unicorn, cupcake, and/or robot in each and every copy of my book you buy).

Woo-hoo! Go see her on tour, you won't be disappointed.

photo of Jessie Oleson by me, in her Cakespy store

In a word: yum! Photo via Flickr; if you want to know h ow to make your own "yum" cupcake, which is, to call it by its proper name, a chocolate chip cookie dough filled funfetti cupcake (!!), see this Cakespy post for the recipe and bake your own.


Robyn Broker said...

Seems like the cake world is a-buzz with anticipation to see @Cakespy in print! Congrats Jessie! @CakeCentral

Haley said...

Love the post! Just wanted to point out that Jessie will be at Baked on November 10th (not 9th, but even better because you can come out and party on your birthday!).