Cupcake gift guide: laptop and Kindle sleeves, iPhone case, messenger bag edition

There are so many amazing cupcake items out there that would make fabulous gifts, and we're going to be sharing as many as we can with you this month. Here's one for all the geeks (and really, anyone who uses a laptop). This is not a definitive listing because there are so many I couldn't fit them all into one post, but these should give you some holiday shopping ideas. Stay tuned for cupcake merchandise giveaways and more gift ideas, and if you have a suggestion, email us at cupcakestakethecake at with "Gift Guide" in the subject and link/details in the body and we will consider them. Click on images below to be taken to the page selling them, some are from Etsy and the rest are from a variety of sellers. As for what to use to wrap your gift? Cupcake wrapping paper from Archie McPhee, of course!

Cupcake laptop sleeves:

Cupcake Kindle sleeves:

Cupcake iPhone cases:

Messenger bags:

Johnny Cupcakes cupcake and crossbones tote bag:


Gerri Powell said…
Very cute gift ideas for the cupcake lover. I also am posting cute cupcake gifts as well as ornament on my blog , Frosted Memories for the holiday. Check it out:
and my favorite post:
So many cupcake creations out there, it never ends. Love what you have found!
CarrieCupcake said…
Wrap you laptop, Iphone, Kindle in Cupcake cuteness!