One of the tallest cupcakes I've ever eaten: apple pie cupcake at Molly's Cupcakes

This apple pie cupcake I got at Molly's Cupcakes in Greenwich Village is one of the tallest cupcakes I've ever eaten! Their peach cobbler cupcake is my favorite of theirs, but this has gooey apple pie-like filling and, while way too much of this creamy frosting, it's beautiful. Their cupcakes cost $3.75 each, which is on the high end in New York City, so I recommend sharing them. It's a fun space; they've got a sprinkle bar with cool shapes to add to your cupcakes; I was there Tuesday afternoon and it was full of kids and other people hiding out from the rain. It's spacious and they have swings as well as games for customers to play and they're open late (10 pm Sunday-Thursday, midnight Friday and Saturday). They also have a Chicago location. See for more information.


Gerri Powell said…
It does look like there is way too much frosting, but my question is "How did it taste?". It sounds good.