10 stained glass cupcakes from Etsy, including night lights and suncatchers

Cupcake artwork comes in so many forms, and stained glass is one of them. Here are 6 examples of cupcake night lights, cupcake suncatchers and other beautiful works of cupcake art. Click through to the Etsy sellers linked below for more styles and colors.

all three of the above cupcake night lights are by Etsy seller Oriskany Glass Studio

cupcake night light by Etsy seller maddy7

cupcake suncatcher by Etsy seller Pane in the Glass Gifts

all three of the above cupcake suncatchers are by Etsy seller SugarLipsGlass

stained glass cupcake suncatcher hanging ornament by Etsy seller FaithsBizzar

cupcake window cling with glass sprinkles by Etsy seller Windows to the Soul