Bieber cupcake fever makes Beliebers out of us: Justin Bieber cupcakes and cupcake toppers

Do you have Bieber Fever? The cupcake world is full of Beliebers who are plastering Justin Bieber on cupcakes and cupcake toppers. Check it out!

Retro Bakery in Las Vegas, via Flickr

Happy Birthday Bieber cupcakes by Man Bakes Cake in New York City

custom Bieber cupcakes by The Cake Mamas of Glendora, California

by PolkaDot Cupcakery in Upper Arlington, Ohio, via Flickr

Little Sweeties Cupcakes in Los Angeles via Flickr

and another Biebercake by Little Sweeties! via Flickr

Justin Bieber cupcakes by Cupcakes Under Cover in Oshawa, Canada, via Flickr

And from Etsy, Justin Bieber cupcake toppers. Click on the seller name to be taken to the listing.

Justin Bieber photo cupcake toppers from Etsy seller DIYSweetToppers

from Etsy seller JayPeaCreations

personalized Bieber cupcake toppers from Etsy seller thatpartygirl

from Etsy seller BudgetBirthdays

from Etsy seller 3rdgenerationcrafts


Joyfull40 said…
I sure hope, since they've gone so public with the cupcakes, that they'vel paid for the rights to use Biebers photos. Lawsuits are not much fun.