Coffee and donuts together on a cupcake plus recipe link

Considering that I can't go a day without drinking coffee, anything that combines my love of coffee and cupcakes will intrigue me, but through doughnuts into the mix, and I'm all yours. It's an interesting idea, because coffee can be a very strong taste, but in sweet form, like coffee ice cream or some of the sweet coffee drinks, it takes on an entirely different taste. With a doughnut (or donut, I'm not picky on that score) it's pure decadence, not to mention cuteness. Get yourself over to C&C Cakery's blog for the recipe for what they call. Instant breakfast food you don't have to be ashamed of eating." C&C Cakery blogs about cupcakes and other desserts, and makes custom cupcakes in the Greater Vancouver (Canada) area! They can be reached at (they need 2 weeks' notice for custom orders) and also found on Facebook and @CCCakery on Twitter and Flickr.

C&C Cakery's official description: "The cake has a doughnut-like crumb to it and is spiked with the same spices as our mini doughnuts: nutmeg, cinnamon, and a dash of espresso powder. The frosting has an even stronger coffee kick to it, but it's also got a little secret sweetness to it that only a cream cheese icing can provide. On top lay our beloved chocolate glazed doughnut - now one hundred percent guilt free."