A friendly alligator cupcake cake

How fun is this milk chocolate cupcake alligator by blogger Diary of a Mad Hausfrau?

She used the cookbook Hello, Cupcake! by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson and writes:

Originally the board was covered with gummy strips and strings in brown and green as edible vegetation. I also sprinkled some candy rocks around. But after placing everything, I removed them because they pulled focus from the alligator. The gummies will be stashed in the pantry until the next visit from the husband local gummy monster.

Instead I ground up plain vanilla cookies to make some "sand" to sprinkle around and gave it to my sister in law in a ziplock to style around the alligator when they get to the school. It's real windy here so not a good idea to do it beforehand. Old Swampy wouldn't survive the car transfer intact.