Happy 90th Birthday, Betty White, plus cupcakes and grilled cheese join forces via Yummy Cupcakes and The Grilled Cheese Truck

Happy Birthday to Golden Girl Betty White! Below is a photo of her holding cupcakes along with Yummy Cupcakes' Executive Chef Tiffini Soforenko! Via Yummy Cupcakes on Facebook.

If you follow them on Facebook, you will see that Los Angeles' Grilled Cheese Truck, whose grilled cheeses I can tell you I found incredibly delicious, is often parked outside their shop! Hello, best of both world. Find out more at yummycupcakes.com and follow both @yummycupcakesLA on Twitter (official bakery Twitter) and @ycChefTiffini for their executive chef's Titter account.

grilled cheese and cupcake combo!!

Lucky Charms cupcakes they sold on Friday the 13th

Maker's Mark whiskey caramel pecan cupcakes

Guinness cupcakes

black and white milkshake cupcake

bacon breakfast bonanza cupcake: "brown sugar cinnamon maple cupcake with bacon baked inside, frosted with a vanilla bean buttercream, topped with more bacon and finished with a drizzle of boysenberry syrup."

chocolate chip pie cupcake

interior of soon-to-open Yummy Cupcakes in Istanbul, Turkey!


menjivaryaya6 said…
Betty!! <3
Carrie owner of Bella Cupcake Couture said…
What a fun opportunity! Love all the flavors and styles too. Congrats!