Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy hour cupcakes! Ciroc, Moscato, Seagram's gin, brandy, Courvoisier, Hypnotiq, Hennessey, and other alcohol cupcakes by Neco's Cupcake Bar

Neco's Cupcake Bar in Richmond, Virginia specializes in alcohol-based cupcakes. All these photos are from @NecosCupcakeBar on Twitter. I'm posting this at 6:00 New York time, which I think is still fair game for happy hour. Contact them at info @ or 804-433-8331 for custom orders and see their full menu on their website. Here's what they say about their cupcakes:

*Moscato Nights: Moscato spiked cupcakes featuring Moscato Buttercream frosting.
*Ciroc (Peach, Berry, Coconut and Original) featuring spiked Buttercream frosting.
*Patron-Lime Cupcakes (An #RVA favorite)
*Patron-Lemon Cupcakes
*Nuvo Lemon Sorbet Cupcakes
*Pink Nuvo Nights Cupcakes
* Verdi Cupcakes (Raspberry Sparkletini, Peach Sparkletini, & Green Apple Sparkletini )

berry Ciroc cupcake

Moscato and chocolate cupcakes

Seagram's gin cupcakes

E&J Brandy chocolate cupcakes

Hypnotiq cupcakes

Hennessey cupcakes

Courvoisier cognac cupcakes

Guilty Pleasure cupcake

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