Macaron as cupcake topper...why not? Plus a Valentine's Day cupcake class in Toronto

Updated One pink dessert deserves another, right? This macaron plus cupcake combo is by blogger Butter Hearts Sugar, who tells you exactly how to make them. I'm going to send this post to anyone who dares try to tell me that "macarons are the new cupcake." As if! You can also follow Butter Hearts Sugar on Facebook.

the inside:

In other, separate news, Le Dolci Cupcakes and Cakes in Toronto, whose @ledolci Twitter account is where I found out about the macaron cupcakes, hosts cupcake decorating classes - many are sold out, but the February ones that are open as of this posting are below (see their site for March and April):

February 4 - Introduction to Cupcake Decorating
February 11 - Valentine's Day Cake Pops
February 12 Introduction to Cupcake Decorating for Valentine's Day
February 18 Designer Cupcakes, "Gucci, Prada, LV and you!"
February 20 - Intro to Cupcakes, family special (2 for 1)

To give you a better idea of their style, here are some glittery festive heart and bow Valentine's Day cupcakes: