New cupcakery alert: KupKatie's KupKakes turns moonpies into cupcakes in Maryville, Tennessee

This cupcake spotlight is on KupKatie's KupKakes in Maryville, Tennessee (451 High Street); the photos are via their Facebook page. They can be reached at kupkaties at

I found out about KupKatie's from this article at WBIR, and I liked the innovation going on here:
"I bribe them with cupcakes," she said.

That was kind of her strategy when she went to MoonPie headquarters in Chattanooga to ask about using the southern snack's trademark name.

"I made a MoonPie cupcake in every flavor and he tried it and he loved it so we're the exclusive bakery that can sell MoonPie cupcakes," she said.

Her MoonPie cupcakes have not one, not two, but three MoonPie ingredients.

"We make the KupKatie's batter, we put MoonPie in the batter," she explained.

She chops up a big MoonPie and stirs it in to her cupcake batter. The MoonPie batter goes into cups and then into the oven. After the cupcakes are baked they get another MoonPie.

"And then we put a MoonPie in the middle," she said.