Sour Patch Kid cupcakes to celebrate Confessions of a Cookbook Queen's birthday, plus mini cupcake cupcake toppers

Blogger Shelly at Cookies and Cups shows you how to make Sour Patch Kid cupcakes, as part of a birthday post for her best friend Kristan of Confessions of a Cookbook Queen, who's apparently a candy expert. In high school, my friend Carrie would get a bagel with butter and Sour Patch Kids from the food cart outside our school for lunch, and I always think of her when I think of Sour Patch Kids. I'm more of a sweet candy rather than a sour candy type, but for I'm intrigued by Sour Patch Kids and if you like them, you should check out Cookies and Cups for the recipe! She tells you how to make sour sugar and walks you through it:

First make your sour sugar. It’s the most important part of Sour Patch Kids Candy, so essentially it’s the most important part of these cupcakes.

What I did was mix equal parts citric acid and sugar.

Don’t be SCARED! Citric acid isn’t gonna make your face’s a powder that is used in lots of candies!

And so we can join in on the cupcake birthday celebrating, click here to find out how Kristan made these mini cupcake cupcake toppers!