TSA Compliant Cupcake with three ounces or less of frosting for sale from Silver Spoon Bakery

Something good is coming out of Cupcakegate: an officially TSA approved cupcake, and a wise marketing campaign by Rhode Island custom cupcake company Silver Spoon Bakery, who are using tsacompliantcupcake.com to attract the attention of everyone from Fox News to TIME, which is where we heard about them.

the TSA compliant cupcake

Time writes:

The incident inspired Kelly Colgan, owner of Silver Spoon Bakery in Providence, R.I., to create a travel-friendly treat: the TSA Compliant Cupcake. The $4 confection is topped with exactly 3 ounces of frosting and sold in a TSA-mandated clear, quart-size plastic blag. The decorative photo of Richard Nixon with the parodied words “I am not a gel” comes optional.

“We wanted to take a tongue-in-cheek look at what the ideal cupcake would be to be TSA compliant,” Colgan told the
Los Angeles Times. “I am not a gel, I am frosting, I am icing, I am harmless, I am confectioners’ sugar and butter!” Each cupcake is cleared for travel (by the bakery, at least) thanks to a fake boarding pass, which shows the baked good’s destination as Las Vegas, a not-so-subtle jab at the sweet-stopping agents.

The other photos below are from Silver Spoon Bakery's Facebook page. They can be reached at contact at silverspoonbakery.com or 401-384-0078 and you can follow them @SilverSpoonRI on Twitter.

Diva cupcake