5 strawberry cupcakes for National Strawberry Day

Happy National Strawberry Day! Here are 5 fun strawberry cupcakes for your celebration.

Strawberry and champagne cupcakes by blogger 20something Cupcakes - they have strawberry champagne filling and champagne frosting and candied strawberries on top! From the post:
I’m pleased to say that this creation was a complete success. There’s a lot of champagne going on in here, between the cake, the filling, and the frosting – it’s truly a BURST of champagne flavor. The fresh strawberry purée used in the filling complements the light and airy champagne cake perfectly. The super-rich buttercream is a nice contrast to all of that, and the candied strawberries on top? Well, this way you have a better idea of what you’re getting into – otherwise you might have expected plain ol’ vanilla.

Strawberry cupcakes by a little bit of Cassie via Flickr

Strawberry margarita cupcake by Waupaca, Wisconsin custom cupcake baker Amanda Cupcake via Flickr

Vegan strawberry chocolate shortcake cupcakes by Food Wanderings in Asia, winning recipe made by Chef Chloe on Cupcake Wars. Click through for recipe. From the post: "These cupcakes are pretty low cost too with no eggs and butter and yet, they came out perfect with nice domed tops, soft, fluffy and so moist. They're very easy to make. No creaming for several minutes, no beating the eggs until fluffy. You can mix everything by hand." via Foodgawker on Flickr

Lemon strawberry mousse cupcakes by IrishMomLuvs2Bake on Flickr


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This is just a beautiful post ~ I am loving all the different cupcakes. So creative ~
Ashley Rachelle said…
Oh my goodness. These look so good, I'm getting in the kitchen to bake something right now!