Banana lover cupcake alert: Bananas Foster, banana chocolate chip and peanut butter banana at Brooklyn Cupcake

I stopped by Williamsburg, Brooklyn bakery Brooklyn Cupcake today to try their new banana cupcake flavors and I loved them all! I'm not even sure which one was my favorite. I will say the Bananas Foster is less like a cupcake and more like a dessert you'd eat after a meal at a restaurant. It was warm and gooey and delicious, with the banana and rum filling all gooey and oozing out from the cake, and their deliciously light and sweet whipped cream frosting. They went around tasting various Bananas Foster desserts at restaurants, at the suggestion of a customer (yes, you have that power as a customer!) and spent two weeks perfecting this special cupcake. If you try the Bananas Foster, use a fork! That's not one you want to bite into and get all over you. It will probably be for sale on weekends, and is on sale today; call them if you want to check on that day's flavors, or visit or their Facebook page. All are highly recommended, and their cupcakes are $2.50 each.

The other other new banana flavors are banana chocolate chip, featuring chocolate chip banana cake and a chocolate ganache topping, and an excellent, rich, thick peanut butter frosting on banana cake. The peanut butter frosting had the consistency of peanut butter, almost, but was sweeter. All three banana cupcakes were excellent.

banana chocolate chip cupcake

peanut butter banana cupcake