Cupcake love, literally

L-O-V-E spelled out in cupcakes plus very tiny heart sprinkles on heart-shaped cupcakes for Valentine's Day, by Cupcakes by Dee in Ireland, via Flickr.


Heidi Hill said…
what is the second cupcake featured on this page
Lisa @ Sweet2Eat Baking said…
I love it when I see people doing the L - O - V - E lettering on 4 separate cupcakes. I think it just looks so beautiful and elegant. I love it especially more when the use that Love font which I believe is a featured statue in Phili (I'm from the UK, so could be wrong).

Very beautiful, Dee. I love how she has piped the buttercream differently too to fit the heart shaped baking case. The little star just adds that perfect finishing touch. :)

Thanks for sharing,