Cupcake photo spotlight on Cocoa Van Cupcake in Memphis, Tennesse

This cupcake spotlight is on custom cupcake company Cocoa Van Cupcake in Memphis, Tennessee, via their Facebook page. They can be reached at iwantcocoavan at or 901-417-1958 and you can see their flavors on their website - they include sticky bun, sharland apple, key lime, ganache me twice, caramel, ginger almond, cookies and milk and others.

baby shower cupcakes

I know these are Halloween cupcakes but they are so cute

(these were seasonal and ended in December, but are still worthy of note)
"Mama's Sweet Potato Pie" cupcakes! Sweet potato cupcake with Vanilla Buttercream sprinkled with Cinnamon and adorned with a decorative Pie Crust. The seasonal ones were on gingerbread cupcakes topped with citrus buttercream

sticky bun cupcakes: "Vanilla Cinnamon Cake topped with Brown Sugar Buttercream and drizzled with Sticky Bun glaze"

I know Easter is a ways away, but aren't these cupcakes cute?