Heart and literary wedding cupcake towers and more by Our Lady of Cupcakes

A heart wedding cupcake tower by Our Lady of Cupcakes in Phoenix, Arizona, for an Alice in Wonderland theme requested by the bride. Via their Facebook page, along with a few other of their creations. See ourladyofcupcakes.com for more information, and you can also find them LadyofCupcakes on Twitter on Flickr.

Alice in Wonderland themed cupcake tower

literary wedding cupcake tower

peppermint mocha cupcake: Mocha Cake with Peppermint Whipped Cream Frosting and Peppermint Sugar


Lisa @ Sweet2Eat Baking said…
This lady has clear baking talents, beautiful. I did something similar with the hearts but nowhere near as good or as grand as this. Simply stunning.

Thanks for sharing,