His and hers heart cupcakes, eat me and thank you and "cupcake" cupcakes, plus beautiful yellow rose and movie-themed cupcake cake and more

I have a soft spot for cupcakes with a message. There's something about that simple touch that makes a world of difference to me. Not all of these have writing, but I something about each of these beautiful cupcakes captivated me. All are by Jellytots & Dollymixtures in the UK, via their Facebook page. I know Valentine's Day and Christmas are over, but when I find cupcakes that I missed around any holiday, I feel compelled to post it, hence the hearts and wreath! They're located at info at 185 Cross Street, M33 7JG Sale, United Kingdom and can be reached at info at jellytotsanddollymixtures.co.uk or +44 161.637.2199. Find out more at .

and last but not least, a cupcake with "cupcake" in chocolate script on top! It's like the personalized necklace of the cupcake world. Adorable.