Monday, February 06, 2012

Lemon lime loveliness and donuts atop mini cupcakes by G.I. Cakes

I've been busy being on vacation in Hawaii so I haven't had as much time to blog about all the fabulous cupcakes I got to indulge in and the wonderful people who came out at our meetup, but I will in full this week, plus will be working on interviews with the many wonderful bakers I met, and I already am planning a return trip to Honolulu, maybe in November for my birthday.

Some of the cupcakes that most impressed me were the lemon lime mini cupcakes by G.I. Cakes. I love lemon curd, and these were the perfect mix of sour and sweet, with little candies dotting them. I kept bringing people over to these and saying "You have to try this" and delighting when they enjoyed them as much as I did! The donut mini cupcakes were also utterly adorable and delicious; I've seen and eaten donut cupcakes, but never mini ones. Also the minis were perfect for a party like that because it allowed us to sample more flavors (I ate 2 of the lemon ones though!). They can be reached at getsome at or 808-691-9122, and you can follow G.I. Cakes on Facebook and @stayfrosted on Twitter.